Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scott Mijares' comments on the Act 2 Pseudo-'EIS'

The following are Scott Mijares' of Kauai brief comments on the Act 2 Pseudo-'EIS':

Ms. Katherine Kealoha
Director, Office of Environmental Quality Control
235 South Beretania Street, Suite 702
Honolulu, HI 96813
Fax: (808) 586-4186

February 23, 2009

Mahalo for receiving my comments:

I am writing to formally protest to this EIS process. I do not believe that Act 2 provides the same level protection of an EIS as prescribed by HRS 343. In short, this is a custom tailored EIS that was carefully written to insure the Superferry is allowed to sail between the islands. To call this an EIS is a fraud. It is a term that has intentionally been used to mislead the public. It is unfortunate that some of our elected officials have abused their authority and compromised their character by selling this to the public as an EIS.

As concerned citizens we must ask ourselves, “Why are there two sets of rules?”

The answer appears to be; We have too much invested. This ship must sail.

With that said I would like to summarize a few of the concerns that I have regarding this process:

1) I am concerned that this Act 2 has been carefully written to prevent anyone from legally challenging it’s EIS conclusions.

2) I am concerned that this Act 2 EIS does not allow for any impact, no matter how severe, to keep this ship from sailing (the “no action” option is incomplete & not comprehensive).

3) I am concerned that there is no mechanism within this Act 2 EIS that insures identified impacts will be properly mitigated in the years to come.

4) I am concerned that recommendations to mitigate risks will be un-funded and not enforceable.

5) I am concerned that Hawaii Superferry will put business before any mitigation 'promises' they make to the state.

The Hawaii Superferry has been operating between Maui and Oahu for over one year. It has proven to be an unsustainable business model. Not only has it lost money for over a year but it has been used as a conduit plunder Maui of its natural resources. Please do not allow the Superferry to circumvent the laws that were put in place to protect Hawaii and it’s fragile environment as provided in HRS 343.

Yours truly,

Scott Mijares

[Scott is a successful businessman on Kaua'i who was "in the water" for this.--ed.]

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