Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Regarding Act 2 Pseudo-'EIS' Comments

I have been answering some direct questions regarding the Act 2 'EIS.' Among those received the following question:

Hi Brad,
As you well know, SuperFerry comments are due February 23, 2009.
I'm sure many (including me), will be looking to you for talking points.

Here is my response for Rayne and everyone else:


You can go to the calendar at www.savekauai.org and click on the entry for the 'EIS' on Feb. 23rd in the calendar there. That gives the links and information to do comments on the Act 2 'EIS.' ... I was starting to think about not doing any talking points nor maybe not any official comments on the Act 2 'EIS.' I don't really believe in the legitimacy of this Act 2 'EIS.'

I talked with D.M. a few days ago and he laid out a senerio..., which makes me believe that I don't need to take the time to file official comments on this Act 2 'EIS.' I commented on the most recent Kahului Harbor Chapter 343 EIS, so I will take the time to do that sort of thing, when it matters. I have also been busy... I think my work on this has been done on this blog. So don't wait for me.

If readers want to do keyword searches from within this blog on anything they notice in reading the Act 2 'EIS,' you can go to the top lefthand corner of this page and type in a keyword of interest and it will pull up all posts on this blog that may have dealt with that. This blog is over 400 post and hundreds of pages long with hundreds of related links. That will be my contribution until there is a real Chapter 343 or NEPA EIS on this.

Don't let me dissuade anybody else from filing good, well thought out comments on this. There are certainly many unfinished points in the Act 2 Draft 'EIS' upon which people could comment on.

Aloha, Brad

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