Thursday, January 22, 2009

From the Passenger who Called in the HSF Incident Yesterday

[Joan Conrow has a good post today Friday, January 23, 2009, on much of this at Musings: No Look, No See.--Ed.]

I wish I could share all of the discussion about this, but I feel I don't have permission. Instead, Karen Chun does a good job in summarizing and quoting from an interview with the passenger who called in the report to officials. That passenger was apparently interviewed disrespectfully at his home Thursday morning by a state official. That passenger has lived his whole life on Maui and knows the ocean well. Here is Karen Chun's report on it.

Here was one reply to the discussion that Karen reports on:

"...Very nicely stated. Since they came to full stop, it would be interesting to know whether they made any real effort to determine if a whale was actually hit. Did an officer go to the back of the HSF and make an observation? Did they record their exact location? Report it? And ask other boats/ships to help report a possibly injured whale?--D..."

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