Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forget about LCS, Concensus building around JHSV INSTEAD?

Interesting blog entry from elsewhere on this:

The JHSV Threat to LCS

Sean Meade at the Ares Blog echoes yours truly’s call for replacing the costly LCS for high speed vessels:

The JHSV accomplishes every mission that the LCS is capable with the exception of fire support. In many ways that mission is better performed by other platforms and the US’ orientation toward soft power exercises (especially in South America) will be the ultimate proving ground for vessels of this type. Its high transit speed makes it very enticing as a rapid transport for the Army’s Air Assault Expeditionary Force, Stryker Brigades, and Marine Expeditionary Units. Instead of a piecemeal arrival of forces, the JHSV will allow complete unit insertion for whatever the need may be-either humanitarian assistance or preventative war operations.

In the mothership role, the JHSV could support smaller armed warships that could take up the fire support mission.

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