Thursday, January 8, 2009

Act 2 'EIS' Released Quietly

The Act 2 'EIS' is now available to the public, and presumably the 45 day comment period has already begun, although no major papers in the state have announced this. As of the morning of Jan. 8th, 2009, there is only one article at all in public on this here. The 'EIS' is here for Vol. 1 and here for Vol. 2. If you go searching for these on OEQC's website like I did a few days ago, at present they are not in the "Superferry" folder. You have to do a keyword search on their website for the word "ferry" and then they pull up elsewhere on their website. The deadline for comments received or postmarked is February 23, 2009 (which is a few days more than a strict 45-day comment period). The documents were signed by DOT on Dec. 24, 2008. They were posted on the OEQC site on two dates as follows:

Shared Documents 1/6/2009 3:59 PM by OEQC\rebecca.alakai

Shared Documents 12/30/2008 10:28 AM by OEQC\rebecca.alakai

In reading line for line Act. 2 Part III which deals with the requirements of this 'EIS', I have developed a strategy, should it be necessary, for maximum impact by the public in this comment period. Right now the best thing that concerned people can do, including myself, is to thoroughly read and highlight this 'EIS'. It will be important for each interested individual to submit on time their own fully documented written comments just before the 45 day deadline. DOT/Belt Collins will be pressed for time on this, but they will be required to adequately respond to all written comments and have the 'EIS' Final Draft accepted by OEQC by the Act. 2 sunset deadline. In just scanning the document, I have already noticed a few points about this 'EIS' that are remiss. Let the reading begin.

Aloha, Brad

P.S. I may post something soon here about content in this 'EIS' that reflects on the lack of efficacy of Act 2, but I won't post my full comments on this 'EIS' until just a few days before the 45 day comment period ends, should Act 2 still be in effect by then.


MauiBrad said...
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MauiBrad said...

Somebody just sent to me the cover letter that went out with the CD versions of the Act 2 "EIS" in the mail. This cover letter is dated Jan. 7th, 2009. It mentions the deadline for comments received or postmarked is February 23, 2009 (which is a few days more than a strict 45-day comment period).

Written comments need to be submitted to the OEQC at:
Ms. Katherine P. Kealoha, Director
Office of Environmental Quality Control
235 South Beretania Street, Ste. 702
Honolulu, HI 96813-2419

By Act 2, a second copy must also be submitted to DOT at:
Mr. Michael D. Formby, Deputy Dir.-Harbors
State Dept. of Trans., Harbors Div.
79 South Nimitz Hwy
Honolulu, HI 96813-4898

The cover letter does not say it, but Act 2 does, both of the above copies have to be submitted for DOT/Belt Collins to be required to respond to the written comments. By Act 2, DOT/Belt Collins do not have to respond to oral comments.

Fax numbers are given, but would not recommend using them. Might also recommend that mail sent to the above two addresses be sent certified mail at a minimum.

The cover letter further refers to the title of this document, "Statewide Large-Capacity Inter-Island Ferry Draft E.I.S." Interestingly enough the "Inter-Island" is not a part of the formal terminology used in Act 2, furthermore 'large capacity ferry vessel' is not used in the title. Will take a further look at that later.

Aloha, Brad