Sunday, March 2, 2008

HI Superferry: The Wild Ride Video (long version)

I like how Joan Conrow of Kauai Eclectic described it:
"If you're not into...following politics, here’s a Superferry video instead. This is the long version of the big boat’s wild ride off Molokai — before it got all buss up and went into dry dock, where it got buss up again — as filmed by George Peabody."
The whole 8 minutes is worth watching.

And click on the Podcast 'seasickness' from Radio New Zealand National:
Audio from Saturday, 23 February
People get motion-sickness in ferries, cars, roller-coasters....even riding camels! (duration: 16′57″)
The pricey fruit of an orchid now growing commercially in New Zealand. (duration: 20′52″)
RNZN Links
Seasickness: Barf-o-Meter
Patricia Rain's New Zealand vanilla

Aloha, Brad

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