Sunday, March 23, 2008

HI Superferry: Back from a week on Kauai

I'll do a full post here soon. For now I will just say I had a great time on Kauai and say thanks to Scott for hooking me up. Enjoyed Carlos and Steve's radio show. Special thanks to Rich and Judie for the room and car; great, great people! Loved the two sessions of Kauai testimony, esp. the ukulele song at the end about "doing what is right." Special thanks to Koohan for an insiders tour of the Northshore, and for her additional assistance. Also, enjoyed attending/observing two additional meetings regarding issues on Kauai and continuation of the coalitions there. Thanks to all of the people who knew me before I met them. There is a lot of hospitality on Kauai. Especially enjoyed checking out the Farmer's Markets on the Northshore. Oh my God, that Hanalei Farmer's Market is the frickin' bomb. Got some great pics and will get them up here soon.

Some good pics in here:

No GMO...Taro pics:

Kauai Farmers Markets:

Kauai Northshore Eclectic:

Kauai Hindu Monastery:

Kauai Act. 2 EIS Scoping Meeting:

Kauai M-19 Protest:

Aloha, Brad

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