Friday, February 15, 2008

HI Superferry: Good stuff from Dr.Tepley on Rudder

The Superferry's rudder problems - more than you ever wanted to know.‏
From: Lee Tepley
Sent: Thu 2/14/08 9:05 PM

The Superferry's rudder problems- more than you ever wanted to know. Feel free to circulate
Open the attached PDF file and
1. You will see real live pictures of the Superferry' s mysterious "Auxiliary rudders".
2. You will read about how the rudders caused "hair-line cracks" , "surface cracks" or whatever to the pontoons of the poor struggllng Superferry.
3. You will even learn how it may all have happened.
4. You will read conflicting and confusing interpretations of the Auxiliary rudder problems from HSF representatives, the Coast Guard and news reporters.
If you can't open the PDF file you can get the same information on my web-site. Just go to the
Then go the page called "Superferry Rudder Problems - New data"

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