Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Supposed "H4" documents floating around

There are some documents floating around from an individual and private entity with a supposed Arabic investor that profess to be interested in finishing the E.I.S. Their "due diligence" research so far looks very remedial. In particular the H4.pdf attachment in that packet looks unprofessional and fake to me. Joan Conrow writes about the package here. I'll wait before I post anything more about it.

Doesn't make a lot of sense that the State House would be passing a bill to study the State owning such a ferry (crossed over to the Senate today) and at the same time a private investor would be proposing to finish the E.I.S. for and to run such a ferry.

One of 'em's got to be off. Maybe the "H4 Team" is real and Souki is just real 'slow'. Or maybe the "H4 Team" is a fake and Souki is just real 'slow'...

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Kimo said...

Jones Act says that 75% of all ownership in all related entities must be U.S. This rumor does not meet the sniff test.