Saturday, March 6, 2010

GD and Austal Split Up To Bid on LCS

Austal is trying to characterize this in a positive light for them, but thinking about it from a number of interations, this is mostly positive for GD and later bids in this process, and not so much for an unproven solo prime contractor building the significantly more expensive version of LCS. Three articles about it referenced below:

"GD and Austal Split Up To Bid on LCS"
By Christopher P. Cavas Mar. 4, 2010

Shipbuilding partners Austal USA and General Dynamics have agreed to revoke their teaming arrangement on the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program - a move that positions Austal to bid as a prime contractor on this year's bid for 10 LCS ships for the U.S. Navy, and allows GD to go after another five ships to be awarded in 2012... >>>Rest of Article>>>

"Austal, General Dynamics part ways on LCS"
By Jeff Amy March 05, 2010

MOBILE, Ala. -- Austal USA and General Dynamics Corp. said Thursday that they're parting ways in the competition to build littoral combat ships for the U.S. Navy, a move that could give both sides advantages as they seek future contracts... >>>Rest of Article>>>

"Maine, Alabama shipyards end teaming arrangement"
by (AP) March 5, 2010

BATH, Maine — Maine's Bath Iron Works and Alabama's Austal USA are ending their partnership, allowing Austal to compete on its own for the next contract to build fast and agile warships for the Navy.

...In 2012, the Navy plans to award another five-ship contract that must go to a different builder. By breaking up their team, Bath Iron Works would be able to bid on the second contract... >>>Rest of Article>>>

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