Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ferry Curious

Second time's a charm, and in the Honolulu Weekly this time. With this second letter to the editor on the subject maybe now Sally will get answers to some of her questions:


"Ferry curious"

The Department of Transportation prepared a draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Superferry that was released in January. Has the final EIS been completed? The title was for a “statewide large capacity ferry.” This was meant to continue the fiction that Act 2 exempting the Superferry from environmental review was passed by the legislature as a general law, not a particular law to benefit the Superferry. So I presume that the state would complete the EIS, to continue the fiction. Has it been completed?

I would like to know if they dropped it when the Superferry went out of business. I would also like to know how much the state spent on the EIS, besides the $40 million on harbor improvements.

I am so glad they didn’t go ahead with state plans to build a ferry terminal for the Superferry on the Kahului Harbor breakwater. That plan would really have been expensive. Probably just the plans were expensive.

What has happened to John Lehman, former chairman of the Superferry? What happened to his investment firm? Did the Superferry bankruptcy cost him any money personally? Or were the only losers small investors, vendors, and the Superferry employees?

Sally Raisbeck, Wailuku

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