Saturday, December 13, 2008

HOLY MACKEREL -- Whoozyer's videos found by Damon Tucker

Today Big Island blogger Damon Tucker “Got Barf Bag”… Hawaii Superferry Forced to Return To Port… Video found two interesting videos posted on Youtube by 'whoozyer' a Maui Realtor and passenger on HSF this past Thursday. These give new visceral meaning to the words "deck slamming."

Damon notes on Part 1: "If you look around the 1:20 mark of this video… you see some scary stuff!"

Damon notes on Part 2: [Note-Deck slamming from about 0:55 in the video] "Around 1:20 mark… captain gets on loudspeaker to explain to customers that there trip has been cancelled and the Ferry is turning around."

'whoozyer' has posted a brief description on each video.

I notice that the "deck slamming" from falling off the waves is making some stunning noise off of the hull, esp. just before the Captain comes over the PA in the second video. The Captain made a good call, but I think these were less than 20 foot waves. Friday the week before would have been similar, if not more. Nevertheless, the Coast Guard's 19 foot limit apparently did not catch this beforehand as it is an inexact art in determining what wave heights actually are at any given time. If as Austal welders have said in interviews, this aluminium hull at it's thickest is only a little more than half an inch thick, then I don't believe the center of an aluminium catamaran hull is capable of sustaining the kind of deck slamming that I heard in these two videos.

Here is a video from last Winter with a reverse view from the shoreline of a similarly rough ride, just before the vessel was forced into drydock:

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