Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From Kauai Coconut Wireless 6:15pm Dec. 2, 2008

Just got a call from Keone.

Fargo is speaking, right now, started 6:15pm at a contractors meeting in the Kauai Ballroom of the Kauai Marriott. Apparently giving 'em the pitch. Did not see any notice of it in the media. Seems like it might have been hastily arranged in light of heavily publicized upcoming events this week on Kauai.

Called Rich about it. He said, "Fine, let 'em talk, it'll be their last speech on Kauai before the State Supreme Court shuts 'em down." Actually, Rich's language was a little bit more colorful.

It is interesting that much of the steady traffic between Oahu and Maui has been Oahu construction workers going to Maui and back home. The experience on Maui has been to the benefit of Oahu construction workers. I don't see that it would be any different on Kauai. Not sure about Maui's current levels of construction, but there's not a whole lot of construction on Kauai right now, some of the last major projects still going just got cut back.

I think Fargo's grasping at straws and Rich's got it right.

Aloha, Brad

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