Friday, May 2, 2008

HI Superferry: Letter from Kauai Businessman

In response to the following article and quote:

"Food industry leaders ask for help in getting the Superferry to sail to assist with cargo"

By Tom Finnegan and Rosemarie Bernardot

LIHUE...Jimmy Trujillo said, "The military cargo Strykerferry isn't the vehicle to carry depleted uranium and baked goods," he added...

I forward a reply from a businessman on Kauai:

"Aloha Jimmy,

When the Superferry can prove that their service is actually going to keep prices down then maybe more people will buy into your theory that it will solve the cargo dilemma. So far all we have seen from them are "come on" fares that do not reconcile with the real cost of them traveling back and forth to deliver cargo. These "come on" fares are there to try to establish a need for service. Once that happens they will raise the fares and pass it along to the folks.

Whatever the cost is or becomes in the future the citizens of Kauai will surely pay the price plus a small handling fee. But what is the total cost? It is not just covering the operating expenses of a flawed business venture. The cost includes, but is not limited to, defending ourselves from invasive species, added police, more traffic congestion, and maintaining our decaying public facilities. We will all pay these additional costs either in the form of higher taxes, lost productivity (due to traffic), jobs that will be taken from off island contractors, and decreased tourism once our rural charm disappears.

I would rather see Kauai become more independent than dependant. We need to take this opportunity to look at our vulnerabilities and act to reduce them. Looking for the quickest solution may work for the short term but not for the long haul. Being able to purchase fresh bread is not a good reason to bring the Superferry to Kauai.

I purchase Loves products and enjoy them; but if they are pushing to restore service to Kauai so they can maintain their market share then I will stop purchasing their products and I urge all Kauai residents to consider the same.


Right on,
Aloha, Brad

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