Sunday, May 18, 2008

HI Superferry: Congress Budget 2 LCS and 1 JHSV

From a couple of good reports on this:

First, from
"House Armed Services panel approves $712 billion defense package"
By Otto Kreisher and Andy Leonatti CongressDaily May 15, 2008

"...The full panel endorsed without opposition the Seapower Subcommittee's proposal to provide full or partial funding for four ships in addition to the Virginia class attack submarine, one Joint High Speed Vessel, and two T-AKE supply ships that were requested....It also approved procurement of two more of the troubled Littoral Combat Ships, but reduced the requested funding..."

Second, a more complete blog report at:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
The House Funds a Bigger Fleet
"The developments in the House today are in stark contrast to the business as usual posture of the Senate earlier this month, and we believe today was a good day for the Navy. The Administrations FY 2009 budget sent to the House and Senate called for 7 new ships: 1 DDG-1000, 1 SSN, 2 LCS, 1 JHSV, and 2 T-AKEs. Today, the House tinkered with that plan a bit...

...What also isn't said is that the House funded 2 Littoral Combat Ships, increased the cost cap above $460 million, but also did not fully fund both ships relying on some left over supply from LCS-3 and LCS-4 which were canceled. Someone smarter and more informed than I will have to explain the LCS story in better detail, because it looks like some Congressional math at work. Regardless, the House version of the shipbuilding budget is now 2 SSN, 2 LCS, 1 JHSV, 1 LPD-17, and 4 T-AKEs, 10 ships, as predicted by Murtha..." Posted by Galrahn

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