Monday, March 19, 2012

The Goal: LCS Update

Four More LCSs Contracted

Bypassing the DoD's DefenseLink system, the Navy announced yesterday the exercise of options on its contracts with the two LCS contractors covering the next four ships, LCS 9 through 12. Read the announcement here. The table below shows the current status of the program. March 17, 2012.

LCS1FreedomMarinette Marine 19-Sep-08Active
LCS2IndependenceAustal USA 18-Dec-09Active
LCS3Fort WorthMarinette Marine47112-JunBuilding
LCS4CoronadoAustal USA43413-MarBuilding
LCS5MilwaukeeMarinette Marine43714-AugBuilding
LCS6JacksonAustal USA43214-FebBuilding
LCS7DetroitMarinette Marine37715-AugBuilding
LCS8MontgomeryAustal USA36914-OctBuilding
LCS9Little RockMarinette Marine35716-FebBuilding
LCS10Gabrielle GiffordsAustal USA34615-AugBuilding
LCS11Sioux CityMarinette Marine35716-AugBuilding
LCS12OmahaAustal USA34616-MarBuilding

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Mauibrad said...

BTW, those budget numbers are suspect and only estimates. Also, they may begin all of these, but would be surprised if they even finish half of them...