Friday, October 1, 2010

Ferries went to Auction Yesterday?


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"Shopping at DOT: What’s in Your Wallet?"

...The Real End of Title XI

A regular reader of this column sent me the DOT NOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION links for the sale of the vessels ALAKAI and HUAKAI and then added simply via E-mail, “You can get them for a penny above what is owed. Before you start rifling through the sofa cushions for spare change, just know that Marad’s David Matsuda is on record as pledging to protect the government’s interests in the matter by matching any bid that does not equal the full amount owed. A Marad PAO confirmed that metric on Monday...

Click on the two vessel names above. They go to the classifieds placed a little more than a week ago for the auction of each of the vessels. Notice they were being auctioned separately... Waiting to hear who bought 'em and at what prices, no doubt different prices.

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