Friday, May 28, 2010

Superferry Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity Cancelled Yesterday‏‏

Here was how I summarized it to a friend after reviewing the following two docs. I may be simplifying it, but:

The bankruptcy representative asked the PUC to cancel the CPCN because Superferry does not have the finances to perform some of the obligations under the CPCN and this needs to be cancelled so that the bankruptcy can be completed. The PUC approved it, and closed the docket on the Superferry yesterday. So basically somebody from the private sector who might try to come in again and operate under the Superferry's prior charter will not be able to do so (unless the PUC reverses it's decision?). The process would have to begin again, and that was about a 2 year process with public input again. Superferry is completely dead. The ships will be auctioned by MARAD soon.

The full-text docs are:
03/10/10 Request to Surrender CPCN
05/27/10 Order Approving Voluntary Surrender of CPCN

Other related news today on this otherwise old story:


Updated at 5:06 p.m., Friday, May 28, 2010
"Lingle criticizes Hannemann over Hawaii Superferry remarks"
Associated Press

HONOLULU — Gov. Linda Lingle is criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann over his remarks about her handling of the Superferry controversy. Hannemann, the mayor of Honolulu, contended Thursday Lingle will not allow his proposed commuter rail project to move forward while she is in office. Lingle is now reviewing the project's environmental impact study. Hannemann said the irony is Lingle "blew the Superferry" because she didn't want to conduct a full environmental report on the interisland vessel. Lingle said in a statement Friday that Hannemann's comments were "misinformed and patently false." She says the state Supreme Court blocked the Superferry in March 2009 with an unprecedented reading of state environmental law.

I say, let 'em Duke it out. I'm only hangin' around this story long enough to find out who buys the vessels at auction and at what price. Otherwise, I'm done wit' dis' story...
A - L - O - H - A!

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P.S. Maybe I'm also hangin' around just long enough to hear officially that Austal lost the 'big' LCS contract.