Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hawaii Senate Kills HB 2667 study for state-run ferry

Here's the total vote, published nowhere else publicly. Somebody may have been trying to protect the losing Ayes by not publishing their names. Well here they are:

4/6/2010SHB 2667 failed to be adopted; Failed to pass Third Reading. Ayes, 8 (Senator(s) Espero, Gabbard, Green, Hanabusa, Kim, Sakamoto, Takamine, Taniguchi). Noes, 17 (Senator(s) Baker, Bunda, Chun Oakland, English, Fukunaga, Galuteria, Hee, Hemmings, Hooser, Ige, Ihara, Kidani, Kokubun, Nishihara, Slom, Tokuda, Tsutsui).

Here's a good report on it:


"Hawaii Senate rejects state ferry service study"
By MARK NIESSE, Associated Press 04.07.10

HONOLULU -- The Hawaii Senate has sunk an idea that would have studied the creation of a state-sponsored ferry service between the islands...

It was the only bill killed in the Senate on Tuesday amid dozens of other proposals that advanced to conference committees for final negotiations before the Legislature adjourns April 29.

>>>Full Article Here>>>

Souki said it would, "SAIL on Through." Apparently NOT, Mr. Souki.

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