Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good blog coverage and comments elsewhere...

Springbored's Springboard has some good posts and reader comments on both LCS and JHSV. See: Austal: Indications And Warmings and What Do Austal's Other Monster Trimarans Mean For LCS-2?

Which has a reader comment link to the following:

From: http://www.rolls-royce.com/marine/products/ship_design/naval_support_vessels/flv/index.jsp

Naval fast logistic vessels

Naval fast logistic vessels

Economic fast strategic sea-lift

The Rolls-Royce family of speed troop transport and fast logistic vessel designs have the rare combination of long range and high speed with relatively high payload. Technology transfer across commercial and naval applications has led to these 40 knot vessel designs capable of meeting emerging military needs.

Intra-Theatre Logistics Vessel - A fast steel monohull vessel configured to deliver capability within Operational Theatre. The vessel is designed to operate at an average speed greater than 40 knots and has a long- self-deployment range.

The design uses a monohull commercial ropax hull design with a wave-piercing bow. With a range of 3,000nmiles, 2,500 tonnes of cargo can be transported at 40 knots, almost twice as fast as existing ships of equivalent payload.

The smaller Intra-Theatre Logistic Vessel has a cargo area of 2,310m² and is capable of transporting up to 350 troops over 4,000nm at 40 knots.

Specific military features include a helicopter landing area amidships capable of accommodating an aircraft up to Chinook size.

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